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Bosch Home and Car Washer AQT 35-12 Zoom


Bosch Home and Car Washer AQT 35-12

Brand : BOSCH
Bosch Home and Car Washer AQT 35-12
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Kaytech Systems

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Available States : All over India

Product Description


The washer itself is a light-weight device with a sturdy design. The compact construction will help you store it easily in your garage or even in your house without being in the way. The device consists of compartments for tidy storage of the pistol and accessories which can be easily set up thanks to its simple push-fit connections. The heart of the device consists of an all metal pump that can stream water through the hose at great force. The hose ends in an ergonomically designed pistol for directing water with precision so that even the toughest dirt will get dislodged. The incorporation of an external water filter 

allows for easy device maintenance since it keeps out impurities that can clog up the mechanics. The device uses 1500 W of power and can generate an airflow of 350 Liters per hour. The 3 in 1 nozzle gives you greater control and cleaning power as it can adapt for various situations. Rinsing, General cleaning and low pressure jets are possible thanks to the 3 in 1 nozzle. You also have the integrated detergent system that can help in soap application for a better cleaning experience. With its new auto-stop system which delivers only power when you need it, the new Bosch Home & Car Washer also helps you saving energy.Bosch, one of the largest manufacturers of power tools, is a part of the popular German multinational engineering and electronics company.


  • Motor - 1500 W
  • Maximum Flow Rate - 350L/hr
  • Maximum Pressure - 120 Bar
  • Cable Length - 5 m
  • Hose Length - 5 m

Technical Specification

Additional Information

Power Rating(HP) 2
Power Rating(KW) 1.5
Flow Rate (Litre Per Minute) 5.8
Pressure (BAR) 120
Solid Handling No
No of bathrooms No
Head in Feet No
Phase No
Outlet size No
Line1 Max Pressure: 120 BAR
Line2 Motor Power: 1.5KW (2HP)
Line3 Flow Rate: 5.8 LPM
Line4 No
Available States All over India
Price Rs.14,999.00


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