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Bosch Pressure Washer GHP 5-14 (3.2HP) Zoom


Bosch Pressure Washer GHP 5-14 (3.2HP)

Brand : BOSCH
Bosch, a global manufacturer of high quality pumps and other equipments, presents 5-14 High Pressure Jet. It has a commendable, high pressure water jet that makes it ideal for cleaning purposes for commercial establishment, industries and domestic purposes.
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Product Description


 Bosch 5-14 High Pressure Jet

Bosch Pressure Washer GHP 5-14 is a well-known pressure washer that has high pressure water jet that is an ideal product to cater varied cleaning purposes. It is best used in commercial establishments, industries & domestic purposes. If you need a dependable cleaning solution for your home, industry or business, you ought to consider  Bosch High Pressure Washer GHP 5-14 once for sure. Some of the specifications of the product are provided in the upcoming lines.

 Features of Bosch 5-14 High Pressure Jet

  •   Durability and Long Life:  Bosch 5-14 High Pressure Jet is extremely durable and designed in a way to last very long time. Stainless steel is used in the construction of this pumps and brass is used for its sturdiness.
  •  Low Noise Operation: Bosch 5-14 High Pressure Jet has a low noise operation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
  •  Intelligent Operation: Bosch 5-14 High Pressure Jet works in an intelligent fashion. It stops automatically when not in use, thereby saving a lot of electricity. Besides that, it can draw water from buckets or tanks thanks to its self-intake function.                                                                                                            
  •  Easy Maintenance: Easy maintenance is another feature of the product which is worth mentioning. The product has a sturdy wheel design and an integrated  variable tank.

Technical Specification

Additional Information

Power Rating(HP) 3.2
Power Rating(KW) 2.4
Flow Rate (Litre Per Minute) 8.7
Pressure (BAR) 150
Solid Handling No
No of bathrooms No
Head in Feet No
Phase No
Outlet size No
Line1 Max Pressure: 150 BAR
Line2 Motor Power: 2.4KW (3.2HP)
Line3 Flow Rate: 8.7 LPM
Line4 No
Available States All over India
Price Rs.79,000.00


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