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Bosch Pressure Washer GHP 6-14 (3.5HP) Zoom


Bosch Pressure Washer GHP 6-14 (3.5HP)

Brand : BOSCH
Along with wide array of benefits, Bosch Pressure Washer GHP 6-14 caters to various industrial, domestic and commercial requirements, Washing pumps have grown pretty intelligent with the modernization in technology over the years.
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Product Description


Bosch - Ghp 6-14 High Jet Pressure

Bosch Pressure Washer GHP 6-14 is an ideal example of modern technology. This pump is capable of handling commercial, industrial and domestic washing requirements with ease. This pump throws water at immensely high pressure. It has been designed to take care of washing requirements.

Salient Features:

  • High Efficiency: Bosch - Ghp 6-14 High Jet Pressure consumes low amount of power and delivers a great performance every single time. It has high efficiency, something which is desired from a washing pump in high volume applications.
  • Convenient Operation: Bosch - Ghp 6-14 High Jet Pressure is pretty easy to move around. Strong wheels and robust tire design makes it maneuverable, a feature that comes handy when you have to cover long distances. While operation, it does not make any significant noise.
  • Auto Stop Motor: Motor stops automatically on releasing the switch. In this way, it saves a significant amount of electricity.
  • Ceramic coated piston and Adjustable pressure system are other features that are worth mentioning.

Specifications: 6-14 GHP Professional

  • Max pressure 150 bar
  • Cable length 5 m
  • Operating pressure 140 bar
  • Lance Variably adjustable fan jet spray lance (Stainless steel)
  • Max inlet temperature 50 ° C
  • Hose length 10 m
  • Rated power 2,600 W
  • Weight (without accessories) 26 kg
  • Material (tubing) Rubber with steel casing
  • Piston Steel
  • Maximum Flow 650 l / h
  • Engine Type Induction
  • Pump system Swash plate


  • Self-priming function
  • Hose reel
  • Integrated cleaning tank
  • Auto Stop


  • Water filter (built-in)
  • Pressure gauge (built-in)
  • Handgun
  • Variably adjustable fan jet spray lance

Technical Specification

Additional Information

Power Rating(HP) 3.5
Power Rating(KW) 2.6
Flow Rate (Litre Per Minute) 9.2
Pressure (BAR) 150
Solid Handling No
No of bathrooms No
Head in Feet No
Phase No
Outlet size No
Line1 Max Pressure: 150 BAR
Line2 Motor Power: 2.6KW (3.5HP)
Line3 Flow Rate: 9.2 LPM
Line4 No
Available States All over India
Price Rs.98,000.00


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