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Pottas Pumper Pro

Brand : POTTAS

Pottas Pumper PRO - Smart Cell phone/GSM SMS smart motor starter and protector with Android App for three phase pumps

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MRP : Rs.14,950.00
Available States : All over India

Product Description


The GSM / cell phone motor starter and protector with interactive Android Application for Three Phase Motors up to 15HP.

Manufacturer website: www.pottaselectronics.com

Remote Control your three phase pump sets using:

    - Android App (For smart phones)
    - SMS (For Smart phones & ordinary phones)
    - Phone Call (For Smart phones & ordinary phones)
    - Missed Call (For Smart phones & ordinary phones)

Protect your pump set from:
    - Dry run/No load
    - Over load
    - Voltage imbalance
    - Over/Under Voltage Conditions
    - Single Phasing
    - Phase Reversal

    - Motor room fire hazard alert

Pumper PRO Device features

    - Internal battery backup with recharge function. Backup - More than 24 hours.
             -> Always responds to user commands
    - Digital Signal Processing based motor fault detection.
            -> Eliminates external sensors for motor fault detection, favoring quick and easy installation.
            -> No need for flow sensor installation on delivery line.
    - Precision sensing technology
    - Motor room fire detection
    - Works from three phase power supply.
            -> No need for neutral line for device power (Considering possibility for weak/faulty neutral line connections at some motor rooms).
    - Supports up to 7 users, with unauthorized motor access prevention.
    - Quad band GSM
            -> Supports all GSM network operators
    - Outdoor extendable Antenna
           -> For better network connectivity
    - Manual operation detection
           -> Detects and alerts users when motor is manually operated(started/stopped) via starter.
    - Auto motor start  mode
           -> Detects three phase power and starts the motor automatically.
    - Built-in changeover timer for semi automatic star-delta starters.
    - Supports motors up to 15HP.
    - 1 year replacement warranty

Pumper App features
     - Animated Real-Time motor activity notifications with unique audible alerts.
              -> Keeps you updated on current motor state simply by looking at your phone. Need not even open the app.
    - Multiple motor remote control
              -> Lets you remotely control any number of motors from your phone.
    - Device prepaid balance indication
              -> Shows you the prepaid balance remaining in the SIM card inserted in Pumper PRO device.
    - Manage Pumper PRO users
    - Know user activity with name.
              -> When someone starts/stops the motor, you can know it with the name of user responsible, on your phone.
    - Add multiple motor schedules
              -> To run your motor automatically for set periods of time.
    - Manage all Pumper PRO device parameters.

Other Value Additions

     - Know motor's run time parameters such as:
                -> Voltage on each phase
                -> Current drawn by motor on each phase
                -> Power Factor on each phase
                -> Motor's power consumption in Watts and Horse Power Units
                -> Motor's working efficiency
        via SMS
SMS stamping
                 Handles disordered SMS reception issues with your phone due to network traffic, ensuring best user experience.

Experience the ultimate in smart agricultural automation.........................

Technical Specification

Additional Information

Available States All over India
Phase Three Phase
Power Rating(KW) No
Line1 Phase:- Three Phase
Line2 No
Line3 No
Line4 No
Price Rs.14,950.00


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