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Pump Care Instructions

 You need to maintain a water pump for vigorous and long lasting performance. Usually, the maintenance service is provided by the professional pump operators, but in many cases you may need to do this job by your own. This work includes inspection of different parts of the pump body, their cleaning and lubrication.

Learn about how to care a water pump at home.

Before maintenance,  you need to understand the basics of a pump functioning, then it would not be difficult to know about its maintenance procedure. You need to pack, oil, coupling and shaft alignment of a pump and all these procedures are not so difficult to learn.

Motor Bearing Lubrication

Lubrication prevents the pump body parts from damage. You can use grease as a lubricant  and it should be applied inside the bearing. Be cautious for the quantity of grease that is applied to the bearing because over-lubrication and lesser lubrication both can lead to machine damage.

Coupling and Motor Alignment

Coupling connects the pump shaft with the motor shaft.  Use flexible coupling so that it can be removed easily whenever needed. Check the pump and motor body  alignment periodically to ensure vibration free functioning.

Pump Packing & Repacking

By using the correct packing method, a pump can be protected for long time period. There are several types of packings and you can choose anyone of your choice as per your requirement. At the time of packing or replacement, be careful for the liquid leakage control and switching off the power button. 

Make sure a pump is primed well before starting to avoid sudden motor burn out.

 Follow These General Safety Rules

  • Keep the maintenance work area clean.
  • Be alert and pay attention to the risk factors related to this work.
  • Be safe from all electrical dangers and pay attention to the risks of electric shock, electrical accidents and burn injuries etc.
  • Use safety equipments like protective gloves, shoes, helmet and safety goggles etc.
  • Always keep a first-aid-kit along
  • Read the safety manual shared by the manufacture carefully . Never start maintenance operation unless safety instructions are not fulfilled.
  • Avoid working alone.
  • Rinse the disassembled body parts of a pump in the water.