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Sprinkler Pumps

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Working on the energy generated from the sun using photovoltaic (PV) panels, these pumps are used for pumping water from open wells and reservoirs or tanks for meeting irrigation and drinking water requirements. As water needs are the highest in days when the sun is scorching hot, thus these pumps are ideal, especially on those days.

A simple, maintenance-free application, these pumps save water wastage, tackle soil and bank erosion problems and allows in better management of fields for meeting water needs for livestock purposes. Solar sprinkler pumps are used for enhancing pumping volume and lesser time wastage. These are highly energy efficient and feasible for farming sector and boost efficiency.

In sunny days, these perform even better and also cut down on water wastage. It is a pollution-free application and requires no or very low maintenance with a life of over 20-40 years and they are also very economical for the farmers.